Scratch Solution

Introduced in Miami the Scratch Solution Set is the new easy-to-use system to remove all scratches and scuff marks instantly. Works on vehicles like cars, motor cycles, mobil homes, bicycles etc. and on all colors.

Huge success in many countries

Scratch Solution Set is packed in full color box, including an applicator tool (works on 4 AA batteries, not included), a sponge attachment, 2 bottles of each 100g Scratch Solution Formula, one washable microfiber cover for the sponge accessory, a storage hook, a firm brush attachment for wheel cleaning plus the car vacuum cleaner (packed separately in a retail box).

Upsells available:

Scratch Solution Accessory Kit, includes a sponge attachment, brush attachment and 3 green, microfiber covers packed in MOB.

2 in 1, Shine & Seal bottle incl. trigger sprayer. Exellent to clean and polish your car. Great for online sales or as bonus product.

So simple and effective:

  1. apply
  2. buff
  3. polish
  4. be proud and enjoy!


Ingredient list for Scratch Solution Formula:YP – Scratch Solution Formula Datasheet 30052019

Ingredient list for Shine & Seal:YP – Ingredients Data Sheet Scratch Solution Shine and Seal 30052019


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