PaintKit – Paint as a PRO

Invention by Dutch painters!

This amazing new product that finally makes painting like a professional possible. Although we know that line has been used in hundreds of infomercials, in this case it’s really true. The key is the design of the PaintKit Liner that completely eliminates the need for making tape when creating cut in lines.  

No hassle, one can start immediately painting walls, ceilings, windows, doors etc. The core of the PaintKit system consists of two patented tools: the PaintKit Liner and the PaintKit Adjustable Roller. And more… PaintKit tools are particularly suited for interim maintenance, finally you can touch up, seal scratches and fix minor damages the easy way.

We promise, with PaintKit:

  • one saves up to 70% time before, during and after a paint job
  • one saves costs
  • the liner is re-usable
  • one treats the environment much more friendly
  • we offer a modular product line, for both DRTV and Retail

Unique and innovative concept. Quick, easy and eco-friendly painting has never been so easy!

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