Molino 10L Health Fryer

The Molino health fryer is among our best products, with successes in Europe and LATAM. It is the largest air fryer on the market with a capacity of 10liter plus it has a rotisserie. This enables you to fry a complete chicken and french fries for the whole family!

Incl. 4 standard accessories: frying basket, chicken spit, high/low combi rack and grabber.

Upsell: Deluxe Accessory Kit which includes 5 accessories: a holder for the frying basket, baking plate, skewer rack, steak cage and steam insert. From experience this achieves an incredible sales through average of 72%.

The consumer is well educated about the benefits of air frying, however, most current units of 3,5 liters are just too small. Best for single people but the 10 liter serves a whole family of 4. The air frying category is a fast growing category within the SDA range in retail. The unit comes in attractive multilingual retail packaging (EN, FR, NL, GE, SP, IT).

Available: a proven 28.30 min. infomercial and a 15 min.

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