eZwell Personal Pillow

What new pillow technology is getting wow reactions?

The eZwell Personal Pillow!!

Why do we call this pillow a Personal Pillow? This pillow is the first pillow on the market which gives you the possibility to fully customize it to your personal desire. Personal Pillow is a sleep-improving system that works 3 ways. It lets you customize the firmness, delivers dynamic support all night long, and delivers the natural power of aromatherapy to enhance your sleep.

What are the secrets of the eZwell Personal Pillow?

  • A water compartment that gives you the oportunity to adjust the firmness of the pillow and keep the pillow cool all night long
  • A filling with superior air-cooled comfort foam and a built-in lavender scent to get the best sleep
  • Dynamic support from the water compartment and a silky breathable fabric pillow cover
  • (3 optional) Aromatherapy scents that can be added to the water compartment to create a real Personal Pillow

Get in touch with us and treat yourself with your own Personal Pillow to get the best sleep of your life!!

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